Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gunung Ledang, Lovely mountain that we conquered!

Things you have to bring
1. A STRONG GOOD GRIPPING PAIR OF shoes (preferable bowling or cap gajah brand, those who are in Malacca i can roughly tell you where to buy.. ITS onli RM5-9 and it would not dissapoint you!!!!)
2. Raincoat
3. Torch light
4. Pen knife
5. muscle cram lotion(very important)
6. Basic first aid(plaster)
7. Food (tin tuna food, energy bar, bread)
8. Water (1.5 litre of water is enough, plus 100+ 500mL its okay) (not too heavy)
9. one set of clothes for you to bath after climbing (u can leave it in the car)

Mount.Ophir is also known as Gunung Ledang in Malaysia, and it's no joke climbing it as it's ranked no.6 toughest mountant in Malaysia, which is suprisingly harder than Mount. Kinabalu in Sabah, which is ranked 12th toughtst in Malaysia!
(bet most of you don't know that! hehe)

We left for Malacca at in order to reach Gunung Ledang well before 7am. When we then reach there, we have to declare all our items than we brought up the mountain. Besides that, we have to deposit RM50 per group for rubbish deposit. Every item failed to brought back by you or your teammate will be fined for a hefty RM5. So in short we should not litter there..

The guide have some "transport problem", thats what he said, thus he arrived about 8am.

There are 8 checkpoints that we have to pass through in order to reach the summit!

Normally It takes 5 hours of hike to the summit, the long route.
For shortcut, around 3 to 4 hours depending on your pace.

The guide asked us weather we want to take the shourtcut or not. All of us straight away say "NO SHORTCUT! SHORTCUT IS BAD!*
We ddn't know that our words cause us a great outcome.......

From base to checkpoint(cp) 1
there are cemented path for us to walk. Based on the guide, around 650+ steps.

From CP2-CP3-CP4-CP5
around 20- minute hike uphill for each checkpoint. this time we'll have to hike through the jungle.

at CP 5
there is a small waterfall. Where we refill our water with freesh Gunung Ledang miineral water, and soaked our legs for a moment or two in the chilling, pristine clear water.

from CP5-CP7
We have to hike and climb up series of rocks and big boulders up to 4 stories high.(abscaling).Some place there are ladder for us to climb, but those high boulders of 4 stories high have only a rope for us to cling our lifes onto. A wrong move wil cause your life, So determinaton and your strong will is the key to successfully climbing it!

This is the part where many Lactic acid accumulated which caused many of us to have muscle cramps, especially our legs. Basic first aid is required to relief the pain, thus, bringing a COUNTER CRAMP LOTION is IMPORTANT! lol (thats what we forget to bring)

from CP8 to the Summit
Everybody gather their last bit of strength for the final push.
Height of trees are reduced gradually as we reach summit. Ferns are the dominant plant.
Weather is getting chillier and cooler too.

Everybody SHOUTED to release tension and pain!
Finally after all the fuss we went through, we all managed to reach the summit!
This is where we ate our lunch too..
According to my reader, We have hiked about 15km up the mountain for 5 hours,and 1000++kcal of calories burnt.
This is where we had our lunch and great photos together too. We even managed to see an eagle soring gracefully in the sky! What a view!!

Frm summit to Ground:
it RAINED HEAVILY for 2 hours!! Are we considered lucky or pure "sui" ness(BAD LUCK)? haha i think its lucky bah.. We soaked our way, 2 hours through the jungle, climbing fast but carefully down the hill as our vision were reduced.and..
Believe it or not, It was dark at 3pm!
The water flow downhill was drastic and fast as we proceed downhill. We have to wade through the water carefully to prevent slipping. Many slipped due to the muddy floor+flow of rainwater just like waterfall along our path.
We were soaking wet.
The strong wind add burden to us.. Everybody was shivering with cold and not to mention fear as there is a WILD BOAR around us. The guide took a lighter and light up a cigrette to prevent it from coming near us, as most of the animals scared of fire.

We were constantly asking the guide "how long does it takes to reach ground level?"
First time he replied : "1 hour"
after hiking about 20 minutes we asked again~~
2nd time he replied : "1 and a half hour"
LOL we have no comment. only there is someone who is constantly scolding and blamming the guide....... Haha

And mind you it's not easy, at the altitude of 1276 metres above sea level, we made it through by our strong will and teamwork.
Many are on the verge of giving up as it's trully difficult and challenging.
Teamwork is important. Example carrying stuffs for friends which are struggling, Guiding them, Give words of determination...
Thus not only physical fitness, our mental strength plays the most IMPORTANT role for our success in MENAWAN (fight) our lovely GUNUNG LEDANG!

what an EXPERIENCE! =]

(Any questions regarding who, how, when, where,what to bring can e-mail me at i'll try my best to answer you =] )

I'll briefly tell you what to do if you want to conquere this breathtaking mountain.
1. contact Gunung Ledang park at 019-7772057 (for regristration and guide)
2. guide is COMPULSARY for 1st time climbers to this mountain (RM140 per guide, each guide can take up to 10 people)
3. You have to have the regristration form (e-mail me at or can e-mail the Gunung ledang park officer for the regristration form)
4. Basic price list
Malaysian , Non Malaysian
Adult, Student, Adult, Student,
(certificate only if you reach
the summit)
GUIDE RM140 per team(maximum 10 pax)
RUBBISH DEPOSIT RM 50-100 per team

you can read my friends blog who had also conquered this mountain together with me at

any inquires just ask by posting a comment.. me and my friends are more than glad to help you conquer this mountain! ( if we are around to help )

Thanks! Sadhu x3

Signing off,
 29 OCT 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

(Fearing PMR, SPM?) Facing Studies and Sports efficiently!!

Hi guys I'm just after Form5 student and currently studying in matriculation Tangkak Johor,Malaysia and i'll love to share with you my secrets of studying while at the same time being ACTIVE in co-curiculum as well as sport(not being bookworm and nerdy)! There are a few factors that greatly affect those.. I've been through what have you guys are experiencing now. Questions such as
"How do i balance my time with studies and sports?"
"Why i keep failing in that particular subjects even though i put much effort in studying it?"
"Why is 24 hours per day for me is insufficient for me to study?"
"Why is he/she playful and relaxed in class yet he/she does much better than me?"

are constantly popped up and therefore i hope my answers will help you someway and somehow.. =]

1. How do i balance my time with studies and sports and activities?
When it come to studies, study hard. When it comes to sports, play hard. Thats the motto that motivates me. When somebody(it can be your friend or teacher) is teaching you or giving you pieces of information, listen attentively and take note of what he/she'
s trying to deliver to you. People dont talk and speak for nothing.
It will take some time to get use to it, but in the long run it helps for you can immediately catch the main point that he/she's trying to deliver to you. This will save you HOURS AND HOURS IN FRONT OF THE BOOK trying to absorb everything into your brain.
Remember, YOUR BRAIN needs some rest and exercise in order to perform well. Thus, get your butt out from your chair and start exercising. HAH! i know many do not like to exercse. But simple exercisses like skipping or brisk walking early in the morning will bring more oxygen to your brain thus the rate of absorbtion is much better.

Fix a time for you to study. Make it like a ritual everyday so that you will get used to it. Try not to LAST MINUTE STUDY. the rate of last minute study is 20/100% efficient that your brain can absorb. For me, here's example of my "rituals"

5.30am-6.30am STUDY
6.30am-6.45am MORNING WALK

Try to make an affort to get up early to study as it is proven to be most effective time to study. REMEMBER>>> SLEEP EARLY if possible. Instead of burning the midnight oil, why not burn the "morning oil"? it's far better and more efficient. Try it for 1 WEEK if u don't believe and you will see the results.

2. Why do i keep failing/dont do well in that particular subjects even though I put much effort in it?
The are a few solutions to this question.Firstly, and most importantly,
Study before the teacher teaches for that particular chapter. When u have studied, you know what is that particular chapter all about and thus when teacher teaches, you can treat it like revision,(especially major subjects like HISTORY and BIOLOGY)

Do lots of exercises after that particular chapter is taught.
Questions that are asked during exams are merely of the same pattern. If you gotten hold the crux of the problem ,any questions you can asnwer with ease.

3. Why is 24 hours a day is insufficient for me to study?
Make your own notes.
MIND MAPS are very efficient. just google for mind map and they will teach you step by steps. Mind maps is time efficient and has helped alot for me to fare in memorizing subjects like biology and history.
Instead of reading the whole boring 50/60 pages per chapter everytime you start to do revision, isn't it better if you read 1 or 2 pages of YOUR OWN MIND MAPS everyday? which is more convenient? you decide.

4. Why is he/she playful and relaxed in class yet he/she does better than me?
Dont be fooled by them playing and relaxing in class. They do study, but not in front of you. I am one of them!! you can go to my friendster/facebook profile and you can see how much fun i had when i was in secondary school.Come on guys, how much can you study in the NOISY yet DISTRACTING classroom? Might as well join the fun and mix around, dont just be like a bookworm 24/7, Secondary school life is one of the best time for social and interacting lah! so dont miss out the fun so you wont regret 5 years in secondary school! Laugh and joke around with ur peers as much as you can! I always feel kesian(sympathy) for those who keep studying in class but their results is just so so. . . back to RULE NUMBER 1>> TIME TO STUDY, STUDY; TIME TO PLAY, PLAY! Invole in activities in school, once you are after secondary school, there is no turning back!!!

Cheers guys =] Hope at least you'll gain something out of this!! take care and any question you can just post on the blog and i'll reply when i'm free ^.^

ITS ALL ABOUT YOUR DETERMINATION AND SELF BELIEF."Self belief is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.."

ALL THE BEST. Suki hontu, Sadhu. . .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

College Matriculation Johor =]

At first entering College Matriculation Johor, i thought my dreams were shattered because i didn't manage to get JPA(public service department) overseas scholarship. But, this prove that i'm wrong as this college provides me a memorable and enjoyable time throughout my stay here.

Firstly i would like to talk a little of this college background and my stay around here. There are 3 grouping among students, which is Hayat(Biology),Fizikal(Physic) and Akaun(accounts). Me and my fello friends from the same school>> Jason,Joon Han and Gary were categorized into the Hayat group. xD miraculously, me, Jason and Gary were in the same Hayat, meaning we will
be attending the same kuliah(lecture) together.. =]

First week was orientation week. It was fun fun and more FUN. =] sleep during their giving of speech, chicken dance, banana dance, aerobic exercises, gather at 5am in the morning to exercise etc. From there, we found out that our chinese population was around 4-5% out of the 3000 students. O.O there were approximately 100 chinese students,while indian guys at that time were about 4 to 5 onli. >.<

The following weeks, me and Jason would get up early in the morning at 6am without fail to do EXERCISE>> jogging,basketball, sometimes accompany by Joon Han and Ping Hui before attending classes,which starts at 8am and end at 4pm, and then basketball again at 5pm after class.. xD

We were keen and looking forward towards buddhist class on friday, which were conducted by Kelvin Liew, one of the english lecturer, and also previously a felo(person in charge of where we staying) who speak good english and "good" chinese just like me.. xD =]
one of his quote "harimau mati tinggalkan kulit, manusia mati tinggalkan nama,SIPUT BABI mati tinggalkan bab# "
being a Malaccan, i also found out that that his(Penang) way of chanting and our way were a little different, especially the word SADHU! SADHU! SADHU! ,which means excellence!
this SADHU word is very unique and thus majority of the chinese here when sees each other will clamp our hands together and greet SADHU to each other.. =]

BUT many things CHANGED when the appealing of JPA results were out. My close friend, Jason Tong and a few more from this College were given a 2nd chance to study overseas. This are a few who got the scolarship to study overseas.
Jason Tong > US > Actural science
Yeau Hoong> US > Computer science
Joon Han > UK > Pharmacy
Gary Lim > India > Dentistry (wakakakkkkkk)
Han Shen > AUS > Law

My close friends, classmate,which we had strong bonds together since primary school, which also gotten excellent results were all going away in different direction one by one, not to forget Shi Ching, who is going to Russia to study his medicine there end of this month. After knowing that Jason Tong had had the scholarship,I have mix feelings of sadness and joy for him. I was sad that the fact that he would not be there to hang around with, play basketball early morning together, chat, study together etc etc but i was glad for him that he had the chance to pursue his dreams to study actuarial science overseas. SADHU to him! SADHU who those who gotten JPA overseas scholarship! take care..=]

Recently, there were an IPTA(program to study public university locally) talk. It was a total disappointment.
1. We would have to be bonded to the government the same amount of years as the overseas programme. For me, If I would to accept the IPTA scholarship,I would be bonded for 10 years..and I HAVE to serve the government 10 years THEN ONLY i can continue my masters. Meaning i could not study my masters during that 10 years period. So imagine, 34 years old studying masters,37-38 years old only become specialist? Janggut and Misai all grow alrealdy by that time.
2. There are no reserve place for us in the university. We must apply to get into the University first only they will sponsor us. Thus, there isn't any difference between the other matriculation student and form 6 students.

To who are going to study overseas, study hard study smart, maintain the standard and hope everything goes well for you guys. Life goes on with/without your presence, thus I will continue to look forward and enjoy every bit of moment in my College Matriculation Life.. =] Time moves on relentlessly without waiting for anyone, take care, keep in touch.. and last but not least, SADHU.....

Singing off from
Computer Lab in college matriculation Johor.. =]